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Working in partnership with individuals & families, to increase understanding of ADHD, and to develop custom-made strategies for managing symptoms, overcoming challenges, & fulfilling potential
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what is ADHD Coaching?


ADHD coaching is a collaborative partnership that helps people to live more effective, and ultimately happier, lives.


An ADHD coach typically combines the same training and skills as a professional life coach, with the understanding of the neuro-biological nature of ADHD and the specific challenges and complexities that it brings.

When someone asks me what it would be like if they worked with me as their coach, my answer is always the same... "I have no idea, but I'd love to find out!".

Every single coaching relationship looks completely different from the next. Just as all individuals are unique, so is the relationship between a coach and each of their clients.


In fact, the hallmark of a great coach is their ability to listen to and observe each client, and then customize their approach to best meet the specific needs of each different individual.


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ADHD Coach, Speaker & Consultant

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