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A great coach-client relationship inevitably results in both members of the partnership getting to know each other well. I'd like to start the ball rolling by sharing with you a little about myself, my background and my own personal ADHD journey. 

Aron Lazarus, MA

M.A. in Social Work, ADHD Coach

Aron Lazarus is a qualified Social Worker and an ADDCA-trained ADHD Coach. Born and raised in London, UK, he moved to Israel in 2006 and now live​s in the central Israeli city of Modiin, with his wife and children.

Aron completed ADDCA's ICF-Accredited 9 month programme in Basic ADHD Coaching in March 2017, and, in May 2017, joined the ADDCA Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families Programme.

Aron now coaches children, teenagers and adults with ADHD, and parents of children with ADHD, in both one-to-one and group settings. He also speaks publicly about ADHD to groups of teachers and parents, to help increase understanding of the condition and to challenge the most commonly held misconceptions about the condition.

Aron's Personal ADHD Journey

Aron's own ADHD journey began long before he had even heard of the condition. As a young person he struggled to thrive in the British school system, exhibiting behaviours that we now know to be classic symptoms of Innattentive Type ADHD but then led to him being labelled as 'Lazy', 'Unmotivated' and 'The Class Clown'. 

Year after year, his school reports would describe a bright child who was wasting his talent and potential by only applying himself when he felt like it, which wasn't very often. Of course, no one suggested that ADHD could be a factor in Aron's failure to thrive at school. No one had even heard of ADHD in England in the 1980s and 90s.

The challenges Aron experienced continued into young adulthood, with a constant nagging feeling that he was in some way different to his peers, and an inability to understand how or why. At the age of 29, everything changed when Aron was emailed an article about ADHD and he immediately felt like he was reading his own life story.

Most people might dread receiving a positive medical diagnosis but Aron looks back on the day he was diagnosed with ADHD as one of the most positive and important days of his life. It felt like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw. There was finally an explanation for why he felt different and the opportunity to tackle life's challenges from a position of knowledge and information. Suddenly, he had access to the incredible wealth of research, resources and treatments that existed to help people with ADHD understand their brain wiring and start to fulfill their untapped potential.

One thing that became clear to Aron was that, whilst medical science was making huge strides in the understanding​ and treatment of ADHD, the general public was still badly lagging behind. Many myths and misconceptions about the condition were being widely held and shared, causing great stigma and suffering to those who have it.

In 2016, Aron made the decision to become an ADHD coach. He wanted to play his part in the battle to increase understanding of ADHD among the general public and he saw an opportunity to try to be for others, the person that he'd like to have had in his earlier years as a confused and underachieving young person.

Aron enrolled in a professional adult ADHD coaching programme at ADDCA ( and the rest, as they say is history. In fact, he loved the course so much, he signed up for a 2nd year, this time specializing in how to support families and children that are affected by ADHD.


After completing his ADDCA studies in March 2018, Aron passed the practical coaching exam to achieve graduation and earn the title of ADD Coach Academy Associate Coach (AAC).

In July 2018, Aron attained membership of the International Coach Federation and applied for certification as a professional coach. After passing the Coach Knowledge Assessment exam, and having surpassed 300 hours of client coaching, Aron was awarded the title of Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

To contact Aron with any questions or comments, or to arrange a free initial conversation about ADHD coaching, please click here or call Aron on +972 543 179722.

ADHD Coach, Speaker & Consultant

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