The ultimate gifts to buy for someone with ADHD this Chanukah and Christmas!

With Chanukah and Christmas both fast approaching, many people will be thinking about the perfect gifts to buy for their friends and family.

If you have a loved one that has ADHD, the upcoming holidays are an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your love and support for them by choosing a gift that might just help them to manage the day-to-day challenges that ADHD can present.

So here are my top gift ideas to buy for the person you love who has ADHD. As ADHD can manifest in so many different ways, I have selected items across a wide variety of areas, so hopefully there is something in there for everyone!

I will start with gift ideas for kids and then move on to some great ideas for adults too!

For each item I have provided a link to a website where it can be bought. Please note, I have no particular affiliations to any of these sites and will not profit whatsoever from any purchases you make.

My top 10 gift ideas for kids with ADHD...

When it comes to kids with ADHD, there's only one place to begin... Fidgets!

I've written about fidgets a lot in the past, and about the variety of opinions on whether they actually help kids to focus at school. The science says that they DO help but only when used in a way that doesn't become a distraction to the child, their teacher or their friends.

These are my two top picks for school-friendly fidgets...

1. Putty

Putty is a wonderful fidget because it is completely silent and can be held in the hand, under the child's desk, completely out of anyone's sight. It is an ideal way to keep a child's hands busy and brain stimulated without stopping them from focusing on their teacher.

I recently came across Crazy Aaron's putty... these guys are the royalty of the putty world, with dozens of different colours, textures and even special effects! My personal favourite is this 'Create Your Own Colours' kit!

2. Bouncy Bands For Chairs

Who says fidgets are only for fingers?! These firm but bouncy bands can be wrapped around the legs of a child's classroom chair and provide them with endless stimulation, without anyone even knowing it's there! What makes them especially useful is that they leave both of the child's hands free to use for writing or other practical activities.

Now, when it comes to toys and games, kids with ADHD are often blessed with