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There's WAY more to ADHD than hyperactivity, impulsivity and innatentiveness!

This is just a quickie to share a wonderful article that was recently shared with me...

ADHD is incredibly hard to explain or describe to those who don't have a personal connection to it.

Common practice has become to refer to Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Inattentiveness as the three main symptoms but I've always felt that this paints far too simplistic a picture.

This article gives a wonderful insight into some of the other more common, but perhaps less discussed, ways in which ADHD may affect our lives.

Emotional hyper-arousal, for example, is one symptom that I observe in so many of the clients that I work with, yet the emotional component of ADHD is so rarely discussed.

I would strongly recommend this article to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and I'd love to hear any thoughts that you have after reading it!

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